San Francisco County Tree and Yard Services

For the most comprehensive, affordable, and efficient tree and yard services in San Francisco County, turn to Hurricane Hauling & Demolition, Inc.

We trim, shape, remove, top, and prune all varieties of trees, shrubs, bushes, and vegetation for customers throughout San Francisco County and five other Bay Area counties as well. Some of the tree and yard services we provide include:

  • Fire clearance
  • Stump grinding
  • Lot clearing
  • Vegetation management
  • Weed clearing
  • Fire safety
  • Brush clearance
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Wildfire prevention
  • And much more

We are proud of the hard-earned reputation our team has worked to achieve, and we welcome the chance to serve your tree and yard service needs. Don’t see what you need to be done on our list? Contact us for a free estimate, and we’ll do what you need to be done right.

Prevent Wildfires and Dangers with Proper Tree Maintenance and Vegetation Management

Tree trimming and shrub pruning can significantly reduce the danger and damage of wildfires and brush fires in San Francisco County. When you count on our teams to take care of your fire clearance and wildfire prevention vegetation management, additional benefits include:

  • Reducing your property’s risk of fire
  • Improving the curb appeal of your property
  • Increasing your property’s safety
  • Ensuring your property is compliant with fire codes and brush clearance inspections

With so much to manage on your San Francisco County property, it can be difficult and costly to try to take care of it all yourself. Let our team do it for you. We recycle and reuse everything we can because being environmentally responsible is just one of our duties to San Francisco.

Fire Clearance

We take our job seriously because our customers have serious needs. Did you know that California laws require the perimeter around certain commercial buildings and structures to remain clear of brush for fire prevention reasons? This is known as maintaining a “defensible space.”

In addition, certain buildings and structures must also have a perimeter around them in which no combustible or flammable objects are present. Is your property up to code? If not, you could be heavily fined and ordered to pay for services to rectify the situation.

It’s much easier and better to ensure you’re ahead of the game with our fire clearance services. To ensure you comply with today’s laws about fire clearance and defensible spaces, contact us at Hurricane Hauling & Demolition, Inc.

We’re proud to be the leader in San Francisco County for responsible, quick, and affordable tree and yard services.

Tree Trimming, Stump Removal, and More

When trees grow out of control and become overgrown, they cause a myriad of problems in the area, from power outages to fire hazards and trip hazard-full yards. At Hurricane Hauling & Demolition, Inc., our experts can keep your trees, bushes, and vegetation trimmed and under control, reducing the associated risks to your property.

Our tree trimming in San Francisco County is done by professionals who have decades of experience. We have the tools, the know-how, and the expertise to handle vegetation management jobs of any size, big or small.

Whether you need a full-scale property vegetation overhaul with tree pruning and brush clearance, or you just need stump grinding, we’re the #1 team for tree and yard services in San Francisco County.

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